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Our capacity to generate and meet the special fabrication requirements of our customers is one of the most important aspects of western extrusions' full-service capabilities.


Reduce costs and streamline operations with Westerns’ fabrication services. We offer customers a full line of fabrication capabilities. Our variety of fabrication options assists customers in saving time and expenses through vendor consolidation and reducing in-house process requirements. Westerns’ goal is to be your single source for finished extrusion products.

Operations are completed on state-of-the-art machining centers, which can reduce your turnaround time and overall costs. In-process inspection and quality control are an integral part of the Western quality service.

Fabrication Capabilities

Saw capabilities include:

  • Batch saw for high volume 90-degree cuts with a tight tolerance up to 30 feet
  • Precision miter saws for lengths up to 30 feet

Punch Press

  • Westerns’ punch press capabilities range from 6 ton to 100-ton presses utilized for customized punching, knurling and shearing.
  • Brake presses are also available for 8 and 12 feet setups for UNIPUNCHS in order to reduce tooling costs.

Pour and Debridge

Western Extrusions also provides pour and debridge capabilities. This process is used in the manufacture of aluminum thermal barrier windows and doors. We break the continuity of the framing profiles using a low conductivity polyurethane resin which is poured into an extrusion cavity and when hardened the base of the cavity is debridged, resulting in a composite extrusion which performs as a single structural entity. The resultant thermal bridge separating the interior and exterior of the frame has excellent energy conservation properties and will substantially reduce condensation or frost formation.

Western also provides skip debridge capabilities which provides precision thermal barrier installation for your more specific and demanding architectural needs.

Fabricating Equipment


  • 9 - Double Head Mitler saws
  • 3 - Metlsaws
  • 2 - Triple Head Miter Saws
  • 1 - Notching Saw


  • 4 - Punch Presses
  • 6 - Brake Presses
  • 6 - Hydraulic Punch Tables
  • 50+ Dedicated Hyd. Punch dies


  • 1 - 3 Roll bender
  • 6 - Custom benders

Drilling / Milling

  • 11 - Drill Presses


  • 2 - Single head Abtex machines
  • 3 - Vibro deburr machines
  • 1 - Custom 4 head deburr machine

Misc. Equipment

  • Custom knurling machine
  • Azo Braider Machine
  • Pour & Debridge Machine

CNC Equipment
17 HASS VF2 30" Travel
99 HASS VF2 30" Travel
4-1 HASS VF4 50" Travel
4-2 HASS VF4 50" Travel
10 HASS VF10 120" Travel
6-1 HASS VF6 64" Travel
6-2 HASS VF6 64" Travel
94 MAZAK 120" Travel
93 MAZAK 64" Travel
98 CMS Dual Spindle Operation - 55ft
99 EMMEGI PLANET - 34 ft