Quality Policy:

Western Extrusion - We STRIVE To Be The Best!

  • Service to our customers, internal and external
  • Trusted quality
  • Reliable partners for mutual success
  • Invested in our community and employees
  • Visualizing the future of extrusion
  • Excellence in attitude, commitment, and safety

From custom alloy and billet come custom extrusions. At Western, we believe that the quality of our products is not just the result of our inspection process – it is largely the result of our manufacturing process.

Our Quality Assurance Program

From premium billet through each phase of production, Western has built-in quality checkpoints. Rigid quality control systems ensure that a project meets our standards at every phase. The Western quality assurance program utilizes inspection devices for performing the most precise measurements. Computer aided mechanical inspection ensures accuracy for virtually any extrusion configuration. Our comprehensive in-process inspections, from presses to packaging, yield consistently high- quality products for our customers.