Company Overview

Focus on Quality People

Any company can proclaim superior customer service, but it requires quality people to deliver on that promise. To go along with modern technology and leading edge equipment, Western is aware that true excellence requires the right people. Consequently, we have assembled some of the most experienced and skilled personnel in the industry.

Western is also committed to the continuing education of our workforce. The company fosters an atmosphere of learning and continual improvement. Western employees share managements "Sense of Urgency" in supplying you, our customer. These same people are committed to solving your problems by going one step further in fulfilling your needs.

Customer Service

Our dedicated staff of customer service representatives is always either a phone call or an email away. The Western way is to provide superior service by establishing strong relationships with our customers in order to anticipate future needs. We strive to understand your business and help you succeed.

In addition to the human touch, technology plays a major role in customer systems. In order to ensure that the customer has access to their information, Western uses a specialized software, called EPICS. This allows orders to be tracked through the production process; including order entry, manufacturing, shipping and invoicing. Utilizing the EPICS system made by Foy Inc., Western provides customers with realtime order status information. The EPICS system is used to manage backlogs, generate work orders and collect production data throughout the facility. Being one of the first companies to implement EPICS, over 20 years ago, Western continues to be in the forefront through testing new software applications.

Our Mission

“ To produce superior aluminum extrusion products and services that provides our customers with a competitive advantage. We will accomplish this mission with a commitment to outstanding and personal customer service and with a safe workforce that is treated with respect, dignity and the opportunity for personal growth. ”

Our Vision

“ To be the supplier of choice by providing value to our customers through superior products and outstanding customer service. ”


  • Integrity
  • Quality and Improvement
  • Mutual Respect and Responsibility
  • Communication
  • Enthusiasm and Cooperation
  • Relationships